New upcoming firmware for LG OLED G1 & C1 adds new Game Optimizer Menu and Game Dashboard / Gamebar using Xbox Series X in 4K Dolby Vision 120hz mode enabled with AMD Freesync Premium ON. This new firmware is only available in the Engineer mode on lg oled g1 and c1, Firmware that is publicly available on the LG website is Version 03.11.23 which you can manually download and install via a USB drive. This update 03.15.27 is only available in the Engineer mode, putting your TV in engineer mode requires service menu access on your LG OLED G1 and C1. Service Menu on G1 and C1 can be complicated and could cause TV to brick and unusable, may also void warranty from LG. This video is to showcase what is coming in the next firmware update from LG for 2021 OLED Models, and for education purpose only.

Checkout G1 Unboxing and Setup video here:

​​​​​​​I use Zeskit 8k/ 4K 120hz Certified Ultra High Definition HDMI Cable:

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