Calibrating LG OLED using Apple TV 4K new color balance calibration feature , I used my LG OLED CX 77 inch TV for this demonstration. It does work and you can see the results before and after.

This feature is available on Apple TV 4K 1st Gen, so you will not have to buy the brand new Apple TV 4K to do it.

0:00 Intro

0:10 What are we using to do calibration

00:40 Software/firmware information Apple tvOS 14.5 minimum

1:30 Sign up for apple tvOS Beta

2:00 Apple TV 4K Color balance calibration menu

2:30 Dolby Vision cannot be calibrated using color balance

3:15 4K SDR / 4K HDR Calibration

5:00 Start Calibration

5:55 iPhone 11 with iOS 14.5

7:20 Before and after calibration Checkout C1

Unboxing and Setup video here:​

​​​​​​​I use Zeskit 8k/ 4K 120hz Certified Ultra High Definition HDMI Cable:

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