About Us

My Gadgets world is an online Youtube Technology Review channel. This website MGW Reviews is the web based presence for the reviews to connect with the audience and answer their questions and concerns. We create content which is relevant and latest to our viewers and readers. At MGW reviews, our mission is to be a platform that inspires and fulfills your curiosity being a technology lover. The goal is to publish content users love to read, watch, share and discuss.

Founded in 2016 as a YouTube Channel “MyGadgetsWorld”, now the family of MGW comprises thousands of direct visitors on distinctive social media platforms and has significant amount of subscribers on YouTube.

We are dedicated to building a community which can bring people together who are passionate about technology, and to help each other by starting a conversation.

We are devoted to the home theaters including: TVs, High-End Speakers, AV Receivers, Amplifiers. Gaming: PC and Console (XBOX and PS).

If you have any questions, please share with us or leave a message through the contact us page, We would love to hear your point of view and recommendations. For any new gadget launch review reach out at info@mgwreviews.com.

You can also visit our Forums page to start a topic for discussion, we would be happy to help and also you can get help from other members in the community!

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