LG C1 and G1 has a minor bug when you turn on the TV you get the pop-up menu for few seconds and then it disappears. This is similar to the earlier webOS with LG OLED CX and earlier models where we had this pop up menu. Now with LG WebOS 6.0 on all 2021 models we have Full Screen Home Menu which is little sloppy when it comes to loading and navigation through it. I hope LG can keep this pop up menu since it loads when you turn on the TV, I wish they can introduce a shortkey on remote like double pressing home button could bring up this menu which makes it easier to switch between applications rather having full of adverts and suggestions loaded full screen menu being slapped every time on our face when trying to press home button. Let me know in the comment section what do you guys think about it and do you guys want this bug to be permanent as well? Let’s talk.

Checkout G1 Unboxing and Setup video here: https://youtu.be/nLHmlZgWeJY

​​​​​​​I use Zeskit 8k/ 4K 120hz Certified Ultra High Definition HDMI Cable: https://amz.run/40nQ

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