LG OLED 2021 Tips and Tricks, For more information on LG OLED TV G1: https://bit.ly/MyGadgetsWorld_LGOLEDT… This video is sponsored by LG – all opinions are my own.

This video explains how you can maximize the performance and get best out of your LG OLED G1 and C1.

0:00 Intro

0:45 Edit LG G1/C1 TV Name

02:05 LG OLED Power on time

03:15 Game Optimizer and new Game Dashboard

04:05 lg new update 03.15.27

05:45 How to get cursor on screen

06:00 How to show HDMI Output informatoin

06:30 LG VRR Information Secret menu

07:15 Edit Settings menu bar / screen off / aspect ratio

10:00 Edit Quick Access Menu / add apps shortcuts

11:40 Automatic Device Discovery / HDMI CEC function LG OLED G1 Unboxing, Wall Mounted, watch here:


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